BookCoverLife is a FAT ONION : My 8 Rules for Losing Weight and Gaining Life
By: Charles Cicciarella
November 2010. FAT ONION Inc.

Life is a FAT ONION is the story of an ordinary dude with an extraordinary story. On any given day you can find that dude, Charles Cicciarella, walking or jogging the streets of downtown Toronto, sweating up a storm on the elliptical machine at the gym, shopping for fresh foods at the local farmers’ market, or on a patio sipping a nice cup of java with his friends.

In Life is a FAT ONION, Charles tells the inspiring story of how he finally stopped the madness, shedding pounds like the skins of an onion (and shedding some tears, too) until he had lost 155 pounds. It is the story of how his weight loss led to an appearance on The Dr. Phil Show and coverage by other national and local media. The story of how he is now helping others escape their bondage to overeating and under-exercising. Throughout the book he shares his tips, advice, and counsel on how you can turn your life around, too.

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